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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Social security office

Instructions and Help about Social security office

Welcome to Social Security office tips from Social Security hop calm with over 1,000 Social Security offices across the United States there's likely a Social Security office near you however with wait times at offices averaging about 30 minutes will prtips to get you in and out quickly but first you should see if you even need to visit a Social Security office the government has improved their online presence at ssa.gov or equivalently social security.gov so you should see if you can take care of things online for example here are some of the many things that you can do online at ssa.gov apply for retirement and Medicare benefits replace a medicare card manage your direct deposits or efuture benefits however there are a few things that you cannot do at ssa.gov like obtain a new or replacement Social Security card change your name or apply for SSI for these tasks you'll either have to mail in documentation or visit your local Social Security office if you decide to use online services be sure you are visiting ssa.gov for example in your browser make sure you see a dotted govt suffix at the end of the websites domain name be especially careful when entering personal information such as your social security number note that our site Social Security hop comm prlots of tips and information about Social Security but we are not affiliated with the government in any way but let's say that you need or want to visit a Social Security office what's the best way to do that first our site Social Security hop comm has complete details and tips on Social Security offices including maps direction and specific ideas when visiting a local office so although Social Security hop comm can prlots of location specific information about a given office let's go over some of the general information that applies to almost all offices first business hours for almost all offices are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for Wednesday's when hours are from 9:00 to noon because of these hours Mondays and Thursdays tend to be busy as they have to absorb demand that builds up over the weekend and Wednesday afternoons so Tuesdays and Fridays tend to be better BETT days to visit however instead of just showing up cold at a Social Security office it may be better to schedule an appointment first the National Social Security phone number is 817-447-3522.


What is one thing you think will solve many problems in American politics?
Some have been stated beforeThe only ONE thing that would do the most is to toss all the elected officials out, don’t allow them to run again, and elect people whose only agenda is to run a sane and fiscally responsible government. But that won’t happenThe objective is to take away the financial incentives that elected officials have foisted on the public and to make the press and candidates accountable to the truth.term limits - no more than 2 consecutive terms for any senator or congressman- They could be re-elected after being out of office for one term. We need representatives that know how the laws work and which are needed. We don’t need people who know how the system works and who have learned to work the systemdo not allow pork-barrelling (I’ll vote for your bill if you add this)Get rid of their high salary and their health care and retirement perks. They should not be more entitled that Joe Public to special treatment. They should live with the laws they pass and their earnings as elected officials would do no more for them than the earnings of Joe Public does for him. No paid offices, no paid staff, no bodyguards after they leave office.No new spending without having a way to spend itoverhaul the tax systemHave them submit to the same type of scrutiny that they put Kavanaugh through. If at a later time it is found out they lied, then they automatically get terminated.Make it illegal for them or their family to accept any gifts or loans from anyone with political interests. Not even a paid for meal or as a speaker to their event. Automatic termination for the smallest violation.Make it illegal for them to take a job as a lobbyist until 5 years after they leave office.Make laws requiring the press to tell the truth without ignoring some of the facts. If they are found to have “spun” the news, fine the news organization and suspend the reporter or talking head for one month without pay. Also, charge them for free airtime for candidates to present their platform which would accrue until election year. That time and fine and pay would all be used to fund the campaign time.get rid of political campaigns. Each candidate would get the same number of free airtime to present their case and answer questions posed by opponents. This would be paid for by the fines and penalties against news networks and advertisers just like any other TV or Radio show. Everything would be fact-checked and liars and exaggerators would be called out and be disqualified. There would have to be a system in place so that not everyone who thought they were capable could run. Maybe an initial test on whether they understood the law? And so many signatures? That would be the biggest challenge. Or to have each political party decide which candidate to run. And independent could run with enough signatures.Candidates would have to present the full truth on their literature and websites. They would have to accurately reveal the problems with their opponent's platform.when a candidate makes a promise before an election, they would put a time frame on it. If they do not accomplish it in that time frame, they step down regardless of office. This would prevent them from making promises to get votes and would let voters know when to expect the results. The candidate should be able take opposition into account when making those promises. Candidates should tell how they intend to prevent the promises of one another.
What's wrong with a military parade? Are people only against it because Trump suggested it, or do they just not want to respect our military?
As a Brit who has never served in the military, I may not be best suited to answer this question, but I'd like to offer my two cents anyway.I hate how the immediate response to any opposition to anything military related is the stupid ad hominem "Why don't you respect our military?". I also hate how the immediate response to any opposition to anything Trump related is the stupid ad hominem "You just hate it because Trump said it". Granted, I do dislike Trump, and disagree with about 99% of the things he says, but this is not just because he's the one who said them. It's because most of the things he says fall somewhere between blatant lie and borderline racist, and he tends to backtrack on anything else. There are many reasons not to want a military parade along the lines of what Trump's asking for, with a primary reason being the cost. America is already having enough trouble managing its budget without spending even more tens of millions of dollars on a completely unnecessary parade.Military parades are rare in the western world. They're expensive and don't do much besides say "Hey look everybody! I've got a huge pe- army!". They also have acquired a distinct dictatorial association due to the fact that dictators are the kind of people who tend to throw huge military parades. People try to say that a military parade is all about respecting soldiers, but it's not. A military parade, when done for reasons other than "We've always done them" are at best a show of strength, and at worst the only way for a dictator to get off now that porn access has been cut off in his country. People don't seem to realise that the best way to respect a soldier is to bring them back alive and well, thank them for their service, and support them whenever and however they need support. Respecting soldiers is not about seeing how many tanks and missiles you can show off in your capital.Now why does Trump want a parade? Because France has one. Does any other western nation have parades? Not really. Germany doesn't do them any more for some fairly obvious and painful reasons. We do have some ceremonial parades here in the UK, but they usually only involve the Queen's household regiments and are done mainly for the purposes of tradition. The only country in Western Europe that does military parades on the scale that Trump is talking about is obviously France.You may now be thinking, "That's perfectly reasonable. If France can have a military parade on their version of Independence Day then surely America can have one on actual Independence Day". The difference is that France has done the parade nearly every year since 1880 - over 100 years, and has used it as a diplomatic tool, such as when Germany took part in 1994 to symbolise reconciliation after the world wars. America does not have a history of large-scale annual military parades on Independence Day at all, and I seriously doubt Trump's trying to use it for diplomatic outreach. There's not even a major victory to celebrate. ISIS may have been pushed back, there is still major conflict in the Middle East, and even when they're eventually defeated, I don't think anyone should be celebrating the horrific mess that's been made, especially not the US.The suggestion of a military parade, when combined with Trump's habits of attacking the media, calling anyone who disagrees with him treasonous, and discrediting the justice system, bring to mind all too easily stark comparisons with dictators across the world - dictators like Kim Jong Un.I'm all for supporting the troops, but blind support of anything related to the military is foolish. A parade of military equipment does not support or respect the troops or the veterans. If Trump truly wants to support the troops with a parade, rather than just have a cheeky wank over how big his missiles are, he should have a parade of present and past servicemen, because those are the parts of the military that should be respected and honoured - NOT the hunks of metal that they drive and shoot.
Why do hospitals and medical offices require your social security number (in the United States)? It is on all forms you must fill out.
Because unlike many countries we don’t have a national ID. Efforts to institute one have failed for a variety of reasons, but mainly those having to do with privacy and government surveillance. It would also likely be unconstitutional.Such an identifying number is useful for sharing medical data between labs, practices and hospitals. It is also necessary for bill collecting. Without a national ID the social security number is used as an alternative since nearly everyone needs to be registered with the Social Security Administration.
What is your “and this is why I hate people” story?
There’s this movie..Veere di wedding.It’s a really good movie. Most of you would be able to relate some of the things happening in the movie to your own lives.Below you’ll find screenshots from two scenes of the movie. A little briefing: The girl sakshi married her boyfriend just after a six month relation. The marriage hardly lasted a year because it took them some time to realize that their interests were completely different and they agreed to the fact that it was a wrong decision to get married so early. After that they fought and argued way too much and it became impossible for them to live together. So sakshi came back to her father’s house while his boyfriend still lived in London.When the neighborhood aunties came to know about this, this is how they make fun of her.(Vineet is the husband)See how they laugh at the end?Firstly, why does it even bother them? Why are they taking so much interest in her life? Just to make fun so that they get SOMETHING to talk about out of their seriously boring lives.So basically what they’re trying to show is that if a girl stays at her parents• house for more than the expected time and their husbands don’t come to fetch them means something fishy right?And secondly when she says that her husband is still in London and the aunties ask - how does he manage alone? Why undereguys? What book says that a guy cannot manage the house alone without his wife? So typical!Thirdly, these women actually judge people from their clothes. This is something i hate about the people of my country.And the worst part. Expecting? What? A child? Is this what couples only have to do? “6 months since you guys got married now you should start planning for a child.” You get married, have children, take them to school, complete their education, get them married and then ask them after a year, Expecting? Bravo!The next pictures I’m putting up are from the scene where these aunties talk about her divorce.So basically, all divorced girls leave this impression right? When something like this is going on in someone's life if we cannot support or help them at least we should avoid talking behind their backs and saying shit.Getting a divorce is no small matter? Okay aunties first of all not your daughter. Secondly it's no big deal if both the partners agree to it. And i think it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's her life, she can drink as much as she wants, she can party the whole week, she can do whatever she wishes to. Who do you think you are to judge her?And sympathizing their parents, really? People like them who assume things, judge people, criticize their younger generation for not being shameful because eventually she is getting a divorce and yet she keeps partying and drinking, shouldn't she be ashamed of herself? She’s a grown up and i think she can take decisions herself.And the biggest controversy is, even after they blabber shit about her, not knowing the reality even a bit, they end the conversation by saying “forget it who cares”.This is what makes me hate people sometimes. I believe that if we can’t utter good things about someone, why even say something bad?People should learn how to mind their own business.Cheers :)
Is it legal for doctors offices to charge special fees for filling out residual function forms and other questionnaires specifically used by lawyers and judges to determine a Social Security disability action?
I’m answering as though to a lawyer.Doctors are private professionals governed by their medical association ethical standards and state law, not social security law. They can charge. I’ve had doctors say their charges would be anywhere from $200 to $500. Then you have to make the decision whether to foot the bill. When I have done that my clients have not reimbursed me, with the exception of 1 or 2.On the other hand, if you are at the federal court level, you can pay and if you win, the Court will order expenses paid under EAJA. To set up for this, ask in writing for the ALJ to pay the cost of the opinion. State that it is necessary development and identify the undeveloped part of the record that could be completed with admission of the doctor’s opinion.On appeal, one of the issues is: was failure to develop error and - was it harmful error? To show harmful error, you submit the doctor’s opinion that you have now paid for, and argue this is what would have been in the record, had the ALJ properly developed the record as specifically requested by you, the lawyer.
What do I use as a social security number in fafsa if I don't have one?
Great question. I'm glad you're looking into how best to fill out the FAFSA, while undocumented students don't qualify for federal funds, you may be eligible for financial aid from states, colleges and private organizations. First, speak with the colleges you're applying to and explain your situation. Schools and states have different approaches, but the financial aid office will be your best resource. They may tell you to fill out your FAFSA using "000-00-0000" as your Social Security Number, or will ask you to complete an alternate form. More guidance is available in this guide, which walks students step-by-step through the FAFSA application.  This section is specifically for undocumented students, in case that's your situation.Good luck!
How on Earth could a "Voter ID" be contentious in any way?
It is instructive to ask how we voted before there were photo ids…which didn’t really come into play for driver’s licences until 1970s. The Voting Rights Act (VAR) of 1965 was a response to the pattern of restriction on voting applied in certain states (mostly those that at one time had slavery), those states had to submit for federal review changes to their vote-related processes to ensure they didn’t propagate unfair restrictions or illegal practices such as literacy tests and poll taxes.Then, in 2022. a lawsuit (Shelby vs. Holder) effectively “deactivated” two provisions of the VAR. Immediately, some states started with laws that put aggressive voter id laws in place and other provisions that made it more difficult for certain people to vote by restricting the nature and types of ids that would be accepted. All of these laws are being challenged in court, and at least two have had major reversals, North Carolina and Texas. The states that have been pursuing the most regressive laws have universally been “red states.”It is hard for people who have mobility and income and flexibility in their job to understand the impact of these restrictions, be aware that the impacts are (intentionally) directed at poor, minority, and less mobile parts of our population (which tend to vote Democratic). Here’s one of several articles about the impact: https://www.washingtonpost.com/p...Furthermore, the justification for more aggressive voter id laws is usually given as protection from voter fraud (e.g., a person impersonating another voter). The evidence that voter fraud is significant is quite rare, occuring something like .0001 of all votes cast (by the latest count from Heritage Foundation). I think the story of Ken Kobach of Kansas who has spent millions of dollars pursuing what he told the legislature was “thousands” of cases of voter fraud is instructive, after something like two years, he obtained NINE (9) convictions (Editorial: Kobach proves how prevalent voter fraud is).The Brennan Center for Justice studies voting issues and does a good job of providing summaries of research. There may be other issues that concern the integrity of our elections (including voter disenfranchisement, restrictions on voting periods, moving and consolidating precincts even as populations are growing, etc.), in-person voter fraud • the kind that a voter id can combat • is vanishingly rare and we must be very careful to make sure that thousands and thousands of people who should be able to vote can’t because of laws designed to protect against a rare occurrence, their rights are being impinged.*** Edited to fix a mistyping.
How do I get my social security number if I'm under 18?
It’s easy. And the fact you’re under 18 is irrelevant—except that you may need a parent to drive you to the Social Security office.Let’s go online to The United States Social Security Administration At the website go to “Social Security Number” and then the section: “New Or Replacement Social Security Number And Card.”Toward the bottom of the section you will see three offerings. Click on #2, “FILL OUT & PRINT an application.”Print out the “Application for a Social Security Card” and fill it in. If you can get your parent’s Social Security Numbers, great. If you can’t, don’t worry.The form will explain what ORIGINAL documents are required. Only ORIGINAL documents are acceptable. The form is dense with info. You may get confused at this point. Here, let me guide you through it. You will need:Your Birth Certificate. (BC) If your parents don’t have your ORIGINAL, don’t worry. Google your birth state and look for Vital Records. Each state has a different name for that office. States are generally efficient in getting the BC to you. Expect to see companies that will do it all for you—for a fee, of course. You decide if you want to avail yourself of their services.Some form of ID like a school ID or a Driver’s License. Again, ORIGINAL only.You must go in person for a brief interview. Where do you go? Google up “Finding my local Social Security Office” and you’ll get a Social Security Office Locator. Type in your Zip Code to find your office.Important tip: SS Offices are busy places at the best of times. To make your visit as efficient as possible, do NOT go in during the first week of the month. Some SS checks come out on the 1st of the month, clogging the office with problems.And go EARLY in the day, before business backs up.Be patient and expect good service. In all my time with agency I only met two unfortunates who were assholes**. Social Security staffers are dedicated public servants, albeit ones with heavy work loads.I feel like I’ve made it look hard, but it isn’t at all. Final tip: when you get your card, MEMORIZE your Social Security Number. M-E-M-O-R-I-Z-E I-T. You’ll be using your SSN the rest of your life!And leave your Card in a safe place at home. If you’ve memorized your SSN as I just urged, you won’t need the Card when out in world, but the world will ask for your SSN—a lot.Okay, time to go get that Application!**Now that I’ve wracked my brain: three.
How do you obtain a new social security card?
.Flash! New service from Social Security!It’s possible that you can apply online. There are restrictions. Go to ssa.gov. If you cannot apply online, use procedure below.It’s quite simple:Print an SS-5 form from ssa.gov. Fill it out. Don’t worry about providing your parents• Social Security Numbers.ID documentation: Driver’s License essential. If you have Birth Certificate, bring it. All must be originals. No copies, no notarized.Take completed SS-5 and all original ID material to your local Social Security office. Your new card will arrive in 7–10 days.Tip: Avoid first week of the month. SSI checks come out on 1st and Social Security workload is heavy. Social Security offices are always busy.Soon to be yours! Memorize your number and leave your card at home.
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