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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where to mail w-4v for social security

Instructions and Help about Where to mail w-4v for social security

Music good morning everyone and welcome to today's class called pension and Social Security income we're going to be looking at two different types of income today falling into two main categories one being retirement plans pensions and annuities and the other being Social Security and railroad retirement and we're going to spend the majority of today's class on that first category because there's quite a bit to cover and a lot to discuss but before I got going I just wanted to throw something at you to see whether this is a question that most of you know the answer to or whether it's a question that leaves you wondering a bit so I've just put up a quiz question on the board in front of you and I'd like you to tell me what the correct answer is so just take a minute here we'll read it together it says Alicia age 40 withdrew $5,000 from her 401k plan during the year in which of the following situations can she claim an exception from the additional 10% tax so read through the possible four choices and select your choice and we'll see how most of you do the correct answer is actually a and although the other options there can be an exception to the early distribution tax they apply only if the early distribution is from an IRA all of the exceptions you see listed apply to IRAs but only one of the exceptions listed applies to 401ks and that is a to the extent that are medical expenses exceeded 10% of her income so we're going to be getting into some of these exceptions or all of these exceptions a little bit later in today's class so with that little introduction to the morning getting your brain going we're going to move on to the second page of the manual in just a second but firstly I wanted you to look at the reading references for this course if you really intent on studying the issues of pensions and annuities and IRAs really the diversity of reading material out there is quite expensive in fact there is a category of tax professional out there called and enrolled actuary and enrolled actuary Assembly's specializes in retirement plans and actually passes an IRS exam to become certified by the IRS as an actuary there are people out there who know a whole lot more about this topic than I do but nonetheless I've been able to get a pretty good handle on most of the topics that are in here and just to tell you where all of my references come from you will see them in this list of reading materials for today's class I added a new category that is being covered which comes from publication 970 tax benefits for education and if this is a class on pensions why on earth would I add a category about education well you'll soon see why and.


What does it mean to have federal income tax withheld from Social Security benefits?
What does it mean to have federal income tax withheld from Social Security benefits?nWhere are social security checks mailed from?nIs it possible for me to receive my Social Security checks by mail?nHow long would it take for the social security administration to receive a lost social security card through mail and then forward it to its owner?nWhich social platforms send a security e-mail for verification?nCan I get my Social Security number via mail? I can't seem to remember where I wrote it, and I can't find my card either.nHo long does it take to receive a check in the mail from Social Security?nWhat should I do if lost my Social Security card? What documents do I need for a replacement Social Security card?n
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